A Few Words About Kids Cooking World

Kids Cooking World began from a love of food, cooking and a serious passion for teaching kids how to prepare and cook food. The kids cooking classes were started in the Castle Hill and Baulkhams Hills in Sydney.

Our programs have been designed to ultimately be totally fun, healthy and educational!

Kids Cooking World is dedicated to improve the lifelong eating habits of kids and the community, it is our intention to provide Kids Cooking Classes that will teach essential cooking skills and knowledge to all children, teens and adults to reach their full potential.

In Australia obesity has increased dramatically due to the non-compulsory cooking programs for preschoolers and primary school, the limited food knowledge, diverse changes in our family life and increase in eating convenience foods.

Kids Cooking World believes the most effective ways to help reduced and prevent diet related diseases is learn how to prepare and cook food, be better informed how to choose healthy food, with awareness of meal planning and management.

Kids Cooking World is proud to be 100% Australian developed, owned and operated.

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Kids Cooking Classes Skills and Knowledge

Skills and Knowledge

  • Creative skills:

designing, decorating,

presenting, plating

and serving food.

  • Social skills:

interacting and working with

others, learning the

basics of etiquette,

sharing and learning

to cooperate.

  • Sensory learning:

tasting- texture, hearing-audio,

smelling-aroma and

seeing-visual appeal.

  • Safety:

safely using equipment and

appliances and developing

hygienic cooking practices.

  • Language skills:

listening, reading,

interpreting recipes

and cooking terms

  • Organisational and decision making skills:

developing time management

skills, making healthy choices

and learning about foods

relating to different cultures and

special dietary needs.

  • Mathematical concepts:

measuring and estimating,

counting and

comparing size

(length, area, volume, capacity and mass).

  • Motor skills development:

controlling hand,

eye and mind coordination.

Mona Kamel


I am a qualified Home Economics and Hospitality Teacher with over 20 years teaching experience.

“Kids and teens of today need to know how to cook and prepare food; it is a great life skill, a way of expressing creativity and learning about tasty, healthy food.”

My vision is to encourage kids to make cooking a natural part of their daily life as a result it is sure to promote healthy habits for many years to come.

Mona Kamel, Principal

Good Health Suggestions

Girl drinking water


Choose water as a drink to quench your thirst.

Kids Cooking World offers water at all cooking classes Workshops,

Boot Camps and Birthday Parties to keep kids hydrated.

How much water should you drink each day?

5 glasses (1 Litre) for 5-8 years old

 glasses (1.5 Litre) for 9-12 years old

8-10 glasses (2 Litre) for 13+ years old