Kids Cooking Classes

Kids Cooking World offers kids cooking classes and Birthday Cooking Parties to children, teens and adults to learn the skills towards preparing and cooking tasty, nutritious homemade food from fresh and seasonal ingredients.

It easy as 1, 2, 3 to attend our Cooking Classes

Step 1: Select School Holidays Timetable or Birthday Cooking Parties 

Step 2: Book and pay

Step 3: All you need to do is just turn up and have fun!

Kids Cooking Classes Benefits

You can depend on us to look after your child for a totally fun cooking experience.

It convenient  and easy for you as we provide everything on the day.

My name is Mona Kamel and I am a professional teacher.

I have designed all our cooking classes and programs.


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Cooking Classes

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Cooking Classes Skills and Knowledge


Kids Cooking World cooking classes aim to enhance Kids and teens skills and knowledge

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Kids Cooking World

"Thank you Mona and the team at Kids Cooking Work for your expertise, enthusiasm and obvious passion for food

that has contributed to the tremendous success

of the Cooking Class campaign at

Stanhope Village.
I am really pleased with the results.
The use of fresh ingredients purchased from the retail stores has been educational,

real and hands-on experience.
The classes have connected the community through the love of food and cooking."

Sylvia Lenarcic
Marketing Manager - Stanhope Village
Mirvac Asset Management

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Totally Fun Suggestions

great smoothies

Great Smoothies:

Give your blender a workout to whip up some delicious shakes. Use fat free or low fat milk and replace the ice cream with frozen yoghurt. Add a twist to regular milk shakes by adding fresh fruits, such as mango, strawberries, bananas, peaches, kiwi fruit and fruit juices. Have a contest to see who can come up with the best tasting fruit combo!

 market to marketTo Market to Market:

Expand your vegetable horizons by visiting your local farmers market, fine food market or supermarket. Pick out a new vegetable and try using recipes that you can prepare. 

nightoffMum's Or Dad's Night Off!

Plan a dinner that includes foods from the The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. Try breads and cereals, fruits and vegetables, dairy, meat/ alternatives or fats and oils.